Learning the Profession Series

This 1.5 credit course focuses on preparing doctoral students for a scholarly career in the humanities. It pursues two goals: share experiences and practical knowledge about the field of literature and literary studies, and reflect upon what literature is in today's globalized world. With respect to the first goal, we will focus on the technical aspects of preparing for an academic profession in literature: we will share experiences and points of view on such questions as getting ready for the job market, preparing key documents such as the C.V., cover letter, and teaching portfolio, facing challenges, and taking advantage of opportunities in the academic field; we will also review the various dimensions of the Ph.D. in Literature Program, from requirements to examination procedures. The second goal is to conduct an overall reflection on what defines literature, when today, more than ever before, it circulates across national and cultural boundaries.  Students are intended to be partners and contributors in this course and to play a very active role in the class.