Anuchka Ramos Ruiz


Focuses on 20th Century and Contemporary Latin American Literature. She is particularly interested in the multiple representations of popular culture, nostalgia and autofiction within the literary production of canonical and peripheral writers of both periods. 
Anuchka received a B.A. in Social Science at the Sacred Heart University (2011, San Juan, Puerto Rico), where she also worked as a professor of the Spanish Department (2013-2015). In 2012 she obtained a Master in Study of Literary Texts at the University of Santiago de Compostela, and in 2014 she finished her doctoral dissertation about Julio Cortázar's latest oeuvre. Also in 2013, Anuchka was part of Escuela de Lexicografía Hispánica in Real Academia de la Lengua Española, in Madrid.
As a writer, she has published a novel, No me quieras (2013), a compilation of short-stories and poems, Autopsia (Editorial Aguadulce, 2014), and has been included in different anthologies, such as Palenque (Boreales, 2013) and Felina (Editorial La Tuerca, 2015). 
In Notre Dame, Anuchka has been awarded with Kinesis-Fernández Richards Family Fellowship.


Research Focus: The topic of nostalgia in the literature and popular culture expressions of the Southern Cone. The works of Julio Cortázar and Cristina Peri Rossi. 

Undergraduate Institution: Sacred Heart University, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Master of Arts Institution: University of Santiago de Compostela and Escuela de Lexicografía Hispánica, in Spain 


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