Mariana Cruz-Fernández


Research Focus: Iberian literatures of Early Modern Spain

Background:  I completed my BA and Graduate Studies in Comparative Literature and Hispanic Studies at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. My research interests and long-term academic goals are directed toward making cross-cultural and interdisciplinary comparisons of the relations between literature, politics, theology and ethics in the Iberian literatures of Early Modern Spain. Particularly, on how the literary texts in Early Modern Spain responds to the moral, political and religious crises of this historical period. The development of the Aljamiado and Morisco literature, the avatars of the picaresque literary type, the groundbreaking works of Miguel de Cervantes, and the political project of Miguel de Luna are just some of this many case studies.

Undergraduate Institution: BA, University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus, Comparative Literature

Master of Arts Institution: MA, University of Notre Dame, Romance Languages and Literatures, Iberian and Latin American Studies Program.

Current Teaching:  Beginning Spanish I and Beginning Spanish II

Grants and Fellowships:
Graduate Professional Development grant, Arabic Language acquisition, University Of Jordan, Amman, 2012.

José E. Fernández Fellowship

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