Jieon Kim


Research Focus: Medieval and Late Antique Literature, Philosophy, and Theology

Background: My interest in Western literature started with German modern literature and philosophy such as Herman Hesse and Schopenhauer who were well received in Asia on account of their effort to connect the two distinct worlds - West and East. While pursuing a BA in German Language and Literature at Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea, I became more and more interested in the philosophical and aesthetical interpretation of literature. Subsequently I pursued a MA in Aesthetics at Seoul National University focusing on German modern aesthetics from Baumgarten through Kant and Hegel to Schopenhauer. During my MA I visited German universities in Berlin and Essen, which shaped my MA thesis interpreting Giambattista Vico under a Hegelian aspect. The Italian Baroque philosopher introduced me to the immense wealth and depth of the western ancient world. I first pursued another MA in Italian and then minor studies in ancient Latin and Greek after enrolling for Ph.D.in Literature at University of Notre Dame. Having found a focal point in the Italian Medieval encyclopedic poet Dante during my MA studies in Italian, I submitted my Permission to Proceed Exam with a comparative study of Lucan, the Roman Silver poet, and Dante, after my study abroad in Trento, Italy, in my second semester in the Ph.D. By the time I finished my course work of Ph.D. at Notre Dame, I developed more interest in philosophical and theological aspects of Dante. I submitted my comprehensive exam on Dante in relation with Wisdom Literature and the late antique poet-philosopher Boethius. I am currently writing my dissertation with the tentative title “Beatrice the Consummate Lady Wisdom,” which interprets Beatrice as the synthetic figure of Lady Wisdom (Old Testament), Lady Philosophy (Consolatio), Christ, and Mary.     

Undergraduate Institution: BA, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

Master of Arts Institution: MA, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea; MA, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN

Teaching Experience: Intensive Beginning Italian; Beginning Latin I and II

Contact information:

323 O'Shaughnessy Hall